Special Reports

Sports as fuel

Philly athletes Dajah Horsey and Malika Douglas show how athletics help girls fight back against food insecurity.

Sports fueled Philly athletes Dajah Horsey and Malika Douglas in their fight against food insecurity

Studies and data show that girls who participate in sports are more likely to lead healthy and productive lives. For those without enough to eat, this is especially important.

Year in Pictures 2019: Philadelphia area’s most memorable moments

From the big stories — guns, crime, climate, sports, politics — to photos of everyday people and everyday life, relive the year.

How Philly ballroom survived three decades: ‘Moments are greater than wins’

Inside ball culture — and how the community perseveres to create wins and unforgettable moments.

A Philly police commander’s sexual misconduct was well-known. A flawed system protected him.

System flaws in the Philly Police Department, DA’s Office, and City Hall helped to shield former police chief inspector Carl Holmes — who was recently indicted for sexual assault — and other top bosses from scrutiny, The Inquirer has found.

Behind the cargo ships and tugboat captains that make billions of dollars on Philadelphia’s waterways

Thousands of jobs in Philadelphia and other waterfront cities revolve around the Delaware, ranging from crude oil to mud for baseballs.

For train drivers, death on the tracks can leave scars for a lifetime

In the Philadelphia area, that amount is estimated to be even worse. Afterward, many suffer nightmares, anxiety, and PTSD.